How to Prevent Overeating at Holiday Parties

How to Prevent Overeating at Holiday Parties Plate
Utilizing the tips in this post can help safeguard you from pounds later.


The holidays are the perfect time to pack on those excess pounds without even realizing it until the next time you step on that scale.  Over indulging is easy with all those tempting cookies, desserts, appetizers, and other delicious special dishes we are exposed to.  The problem is made even worse when attending the round of holiday parties with cocktails and buffet tables loaded with various assorted yummy delights just waiting for you to sample.  However, there are some ways to prevent overeating at holiday parties.

1.  Eat four almonds fifteen minutes before arriving at that party.  The fat content of the almonds will help satisfy and curb your appetite so you won’t attack that buffet from sheer hunger.

2.  Do not stand in front of the buffet table and chat if you hope to prevent overating at holiday parties.  If so, your hand could keep reaching for things to nibble.  You might not even notice how many of those awesome canapés or cookies you ate in the midst of conversation.

3.  Cocktails are loaded with extra calories. Some fancy ones can have several hundred while a glass of white wine can be 150.  Learn to nurse the cocktail in your hand instead of drinking a few for each party since they do add up.

4.  Avoid the fried offerings and narrow in on your healthiest options.  Eat but do not fill that plate with food.  Don’t flutter around that buffet table like a butterfly.  Instead pretend you’re a sparrow and nibble and then fly away to socialize.

5.  If you need to look like you’re eating to fit in, then find the fresh, raw vegetables on that buffet table first and detour past the dips.

The tips that I’m sharing are just a few secret ways to prevent overeating at holiday parties to save you from accidentally gaining that holiday weight. I do hope this helps!



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