How to Keep Children Interested in New Toys Longer

How to Keep Children Interested in New Toys Longers Sheep toy


We all know how quickly young children can loose interest when it comes to toys.  However, there is a way to keep toys fresh like a few from Christmas without spending extra money for constantly replacing them.  Thus, let to tell you my sneaky method on how to keep children interested in new toys longer.

Here is how it works.  Do try to box some of those toys up and hide them for a while.  Though this may sound mean, but you are not depriving anything to those very young children in the least.  Instead, they will focus on the ones before them and forget about what is no longer there.

Once you notice their interest is waning in their current selection, then it is the perfect time to pull out that stash of toys.

Make it fun for them and wrap up that box with a pretty gift wrap or even take apart a brown grocery bag for them to unwrap when you present it like another gift.  Watch the excitement on their little faces as they peel away that paper and peer into yet another gift.

Another inexpensive way for those little ones to have fun is saving any big box for them to play in.  Allow them to explore the interior and use it to hide or sit in.  Watch them play with that box for hours while suddenly neglecting those toys.  Those faces will light up as you open up another avenue for them to use their imagination.

I dare you to try this method with your own very young children on how to keep them interested in new toys longer.  You will save yourself some money and also multiple their happiness with fresh fun and possibilities!

As children grow, they may tend to drop toys everywhere instead of putting them away.  Let me share another technique that worked here for getting children to be more responsible and putting their toys away.


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  1. Deb Dorrington
    January 4, 2012 / 4:50 am

    My niece did this same thing, holding back some toys for a later date. It really did work, her kids were so excited to play with the "New"

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