A Simple Way to Keep Brass Shiny!

As we know, brass can be a pain to maintain.  However, I wanted to share this fantastic tip to help make sure your brass pieces keep their shine for much longer than you ever expected. 

Once you have your favorite brass piece, say that lamp freshly polished, then finish the job with a coating of tung oil.  Believe it or not, that one extra step of rubbing it with some tung oil will make the fresh shine on your brass last about three times more than without. 

When it’s time to redo the brass, I suggest taking off the old tung oil first.  All you do is get a clean soft cotton cloth with a little paint thinner and rub it over the piece. This will remove the old tung oil and leave your surface ready for polish.  Then apply another application of a fresh coat of tung oil. 

Once you finish, then you can forget about that piece for a few more months and it will still look great!


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