Do You Want to Avoid Buying the Wrong Shade of Blush?

How many times have you bought a shade of a blush only to find that it did not work for you?  However, I have a great tip that can help you make a better choice instead of another mistake.

Get in front of your mirror when you are makeup free.  Now pinch a cheek and notice your natural color that springs to the surface.  You might be warm with peach or cool with pink. Do you see plum or brown tones in the mix?  The important part is to closely study that shade you’re born with so you can remember what you saw the
next time you are browsing for colors. 

Another useful way to avoid a blush buying mistake is to compare that pinched naked cheek color against one side wearing a blush.  If the color applied is a close match, then you have a winner.  Colors like that would be a sure bet.

Hopefully this tip will save you time, hassle, and money! 


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