Halle Berry Reveal Perfume Review


Halle Berry Fragrances Reveal Perfume
Halle Berry Fragrances Reveal Eau de Parfum Spray 


Mysteriously haunting is how I would describe this classically feminine fruity-floral from Halle Berry Fragrances that I sent to review.  You can get a sense of the star’s glamour, sophistication, sexiness, and warmth as this Halle Berry Reveal perfume takes hold of your senses.

The Halle Berry Reveal perfume opens with a  beautiful bouquet of plumeria flowers, neroli petals, and mimosa blooming against a backdrop of peach, red berries and  honeydew to awaken this scent and bring a wonderful freshness to this elegant and complex romantic perfume.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Those fruit notes add a laid back juicy quality that gives it an irresistible, playful side.  Yet as the scent develops further that enticing smell becomes velvety as the honeydew and woods begin to mingle.

Once the iris warms with the cashmere woods, vetiver, and skin milk, this alluring perfume becomes seductive and takes no prisoners.  This is the perfect scent if you want a light sexy woody floral that you can live in day or night.

Even the bottle is to be admired like a small object of art, shaped like a four-sided teardrop.  A pink jewel-like cut cap crowns the top majestically.

With the timeless beauty of this scent, it is hard to believe this Halle Berry Reveal perfume is sold at your drug store and not a fragrance counter.  However, it is not just my opinion of how exquisite this perfume is since Self Magazine also is in agreement naming Reveal Eau de Parfum as their 2011 Fragrance Award Winner.

Do look for Reveal fragrances the next time you shop because you will love it!



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