Lose Weight Resolution and How to Make It Reality!

How to Make That Resolution to Lose Weight Reality!woman measuring her waist dieting
Some resolutions are easier to keep up with if they are realistic changes to your lifestyle.


If you made a promise to yourself this year was going to be the one where you kept to that diet and dropped some weight, then I have a few surefire ways to help safely speed that process along and make that dream come true.  With what I’m about to share is how to make that resolution to lose weight reality with just a few changes to your lifestyle.

Start with giving up your usual meat dinner and substitute one of rice and beans at least twice a week is one easy resolution that you can make to lose weight reality.  Before you make a face and discount this recommendation, then you need to make my Vegetarian Spicy Rice-Bean Dinner recipe and then decide.  This dish is really delicious with just the perfect blend of spices that my meat loving guy really looks forward to the days when I cook this.  This is one recipe so good that you will not have leftovers!

To keep you on track at the workplace, you need to avoid eating out, especially if your passion is fast food.  A simple solution is to make some of my rice and beans dish at home to reheat in your microwave later for your lunch at work.   You will be surprised at how filling this recipe is without making you bloated or wanting to visit that vending machine later.

Another helpful thing for dropping weight involves peanut butter.  If you don’t an allergy to peanut butter, this food can be a dieter’s best friend.  When you find yourself starving between meals and begin searching the cupboards or refrigerator for something like chips or desserts, I suggest eating one tablespoon of peanut butter first.   Peanut butter really does help fill you up and satisfy that hunger better than wasting all those extra calories on something fattening that you will hate yourself later for eating.

These are a few ways that helped me shed twenty pounds without counting calories or being hungry.  I sincerely mean this about how quickly you can get rid of that excess weight and improve your overall health by cutting back on meat dishes.

However, you won’t know how well this method of how to make that resolution to lose weight reality works unless you too try substituting beans and rice main dishes twice a week instead like I do.

I started this way of eating a few years ago and still kept the weight off without depriving myself of anything.  In fact, I always treat myself and the family and bake a dessert for the weekend, which keeps spirits motivated and gives you something special to look forward to.

Seriously, what do you have to lose except for, perhaps, a few of those holiday pounds?


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