The Secret to Better Blending Foundation

secret to better blending foundation


If you happen to have a problem with the foundation that you’re using and finding that perfect product doesn’t blend right, it may not be necessarily the foundation.  You must be wondering then what is the big secret to better blending foundation if that cosmetic is not at fault?

I can almost hear you doubting how it could be anything else but that current formula of foundation.  After all, it is the one that is giving you a shoddy application.   However, I learned that if you exfoliate at least twice a week and shed those dead skin cells thoroughly, then you have a better chance for it to glide over a smoother surface.

As enlightening as that information may be, there is more to this secret to better blending foundation than just exfoliation.   An important thing to remember is to let your moisturizer or makeup primer sink in and be absorbed by your complexion first before putting any makeup, especially when you’re using a powder foundation.

Just adding those two simple steps to your routine is the secret to better blending foundation.  Following this simple makeup tip could help save you from buying a new foundation while giving you a more vibrant glow!


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