Purex Triple Action UltraPacks Liquid Laundry Detergent Review

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Purex Triple Action UltraPacks Liquid Laundry Detergent 

One of the advantages of being a Purex Insider is trying their new products before they hit the stores.  This time I was sent their Purex Triple Action UltraPacks Liquid Laundry Detergent to do this review.

What I thought was fantastic was this laundry detergent comes pre-measured in a convenient little pack to avoid measuring and spilling or wasting extra time in the laundry room surrounded by stinky clothes.

This powerful pre-dosed liquid contains twice the concentration of regular liquid laundry detergent and all the performance of their Triple Action liquid formula in each pack.  These Purex Triple Action UltraPacks can be used in all washing machines, including high-efficiency ones.

All I did was to drop a pack in and fill my washing machine as usual before adding my load.  The package itself is re-sealable and with one quick run of my hand I locked it back until next time without dropping any powder or accidentally spilling liquid, which often happens when you’re in a rush.

I found this pack dissolved well even in cold water while the scent I chose, the Mountain Fresh, left my clothes smelling incredible and so fresh.  However, you will be able to buy this and the Free & Clear formulation once the products launch in February 2012.

My clothes came out beautifully clean and soft.  I must say, I am going to be buying more of this detergent once it comes out!  With our hectic lives, I think you also would trying this product and saving some time as well.


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