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Elite Serum
Elite Serum


When I was asked to do this review and giveaway of this newly enhanced eye serum, I welcomed the project.   However, when the actual package arrived with Skin Pro Elite Serum that is delivered in a 14ml Airless Syringe for use around the eyes, I was a little skeptical of this version.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated through a free product (s) or monetary payment.  Opinions are solely mine.**

For those wondering if this was manufactured out of the country like I was when I looked at this product, you can rest assured it was made in a South Miami Laboratory.  Keeping that in mind, I felt more confident about using what came out of an American-made advanced FDA licensed laboratory over something out of some foreign country with less than stringent regulations.

Skin Pro has been working on revamping this formula over the last two years.  This powerful product is their alterative to Botulinum Toxin.  What is so revolutionary about the product itself as well as the delivery system is the fact that it is made with red and green seaweed extract and pure Hyaluronic Acid  to moisturize and beautify the skin around the eyes while it corrects with the most potent concentrates of proprietory skin care peptides (Argirelene, SNAP-8, Haloxyl, Eyeliss, SYN-Coll, and Matrixyl 3000) of any eye serum currently on the market.

The directions state using this product twice a day to clean skin and massaging it gently around the eyes until absorbed.  What I found was this Skin Pro Elite Serum Airless Syringe released just enough without waste and keeping the product more sanitary than sticking a finger into a cream, serum, or lotion where it can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

I only have been using this serum for a few days and found this is a sophisticated solution for improving the appearance of those visible signs of eye aging.  The skin beneath my eyes looked firmer and brighter while the tiny lines practically faded away from their wrinkle fighting SYN-Coll.  Furthermore, I liked the satiny-feel this serum had from the natural seaweeds extracts and the Hyaluronic Acid without being greasy at all.

Without a doubt, Skin Pro Elite Serum really is a terrific eye product to tackle those crow’s feet and dark circles with scientific precision.  I am confident once you try some of this award-winning serum, then you will understand why I rate it so highly.




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