How to Make Seasoned Bread Crumbs

seasoned bread crumbs
My oatmeal brown bread recipe also makes wonderful bread crumbs for topping casseroles to breading fish and chicken.


How many times have you found yourself out of breadcrumbs when you need it for a recipe? I have something you should try the next time you’re faced with that problem of what to do with that awaiting casserole.   Today, I want to tell you what to do with stale leftover bread that is easy, convenient and can save you money by making your own seasoned bread crumbs.

This recipe is hardly complicated.  All you need to do is place a hunk of your French or Italian bread in the freezer for about a half hour to harden it up.  My oatmeal brown bread recipe with cornmeal and oats to the flour also makes fantastic bread crumbs.  However, any variety of bread can substitute.

When it’s time to remove it, you grate some of that frozen bread with your hand grater for sprinkling onto that waiting casserole and bake or roast as usual.

What else that I like to do to make seasoned bread crumbs is drying stale homemade bread for this purpose.  I get my food processor out and just process until I am satisfied with the texture of the crumbs.  Add a favorite herb like basil, thyme, oregano or a mixture of them or grated Parmesan cheese to flavor your seasoned bread crumbs.

I bake all our breads and truly think they taste so much better than the spongy commercial loaves.  If you never tried bread baking or tried and ran into problems,   I have a post with possible reasons why your bread didn’t turn out and solutions.

You’ll like how this little tip to make your own seasoned bread crumbs will help in a fix.   I do hope you try this one.


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