Free Tax Filing Software!

Want to use tax software from H & R Block or Turbotax for free?  And these are not your only choices of FREE programs.  Depending on your income or age, there are many free programs you can use through the IRS’s Free File program. 

This program allows qualified users with an adjusted gross income of $57,000 or less to use commercial software products to file taxes online OR print out their tax return and mail it in.  The income and other qualifications vary for each free file provider.


And the IRS also offers e-file with fill-able forms that are available to almost EVERYONE.  Now, of course, there are some instances where you can’t submit a return electronically.  But for most of us this is a great and FREE option.

Use this link to find the best free file company for you.


And some lucky folks can EVEN use these programs to do their state income taxes as well for FREE too!


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