Ways To Turn Up The Heat This Valentine’s Day

i-love-you note and rose  for Valentine's Day
A carefully hidden love note in your lover’s coat pocket speaks volumes.


Are you searching for a way to fire up the romance this Valentine’s Day?  If so, I have a few tips to set the mood for that perfect Valentine’s day.

Become his alarm clock and wake him up on Valentine’s Day morning with the power of your kisses!  (Of course, you need to get up ahead of time to do your makeup and teeth and become so tempting that he won’t be unable to resist pulling you back into bed as you slowly and expertly deliver them, covering your lover in kisses from head to toe.  Depending on how much time you have until work, you might want to wake up a bit earlier than it takes to get glamorous because he probably won’t let you go.)

If your lover is the shy type when it comes to taking his shower, then I have a nice tip to send him off this Valentine’s Day.  Warm his towel with your blow dryer and as he comes out of the shower, wrap him in cozy comfort.  Watch his eyes light up as you pamper him over with this simple loving touch.

On the other hand, I suggest start Valentine’s Day right and just jump into that shower can also be a fun way to begin celebrating!

The workplace can be tricky for the perfect Valentine’s Day.  However, you might be able to send a flirty text or demand an urgent after-hours appointment (if you get my drift) for later.  Do watch emails and don’t get over descriptive because some businesses do monitor email messages!

Now I hope I gave you some fun romantic inspiration and a great jump start to making a memorable and perfect Valentine’s Day!


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