VB Cosmetics Abrioné Fig Caramel Bath & Shower Gel Review

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VB Cosmetics Abrioné Fig Caramel Bath & Shower Gel

From VB Cosmetics comes the natural Abrioné Bath & Body Collection that includes the delicious smelling Fig  Caramel Bath & Shower Gel that I was sent to review.  I had never tried anything from this company and couldn’t wait to bathe and release that delectable scented gel on my sponge and soap up.

As I indulged with this pampering delight that came out of a non spill pump in a rich cream, I lathered in sweet fragrant luxury while minerals, antioxidants, and the natural moisturizing powers of fig and honey later left my skin incredibly soft and smooth due to the gentlest of exfoliation.

Even though you can’t eat this, this is a fun way to treat yourself to dessert without calories just by taking a shower or bath.  Trust me, you will want to linger more enjoying that happy sweetness as long as you can.  

Buy this yummy Abrioné Fig Caramel Bath & Shower Gel  and you will find your newest craving!  Do check out this product because I am nuts about it–and you will be too!


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  1. Keith
    February 2, 2012 / 8:48 pm

    Thank you for sharing about this product. We appreciate you postings!

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