Immunocolgie Eye Repair Treatment Creme and Line Smoothing Treatment Serum Review

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Immunocolgie Eye Repair Treatment Creme

Immunocologie is a company you’ll want to remember with their revolutionary line of anti-aging products.  What makes them unique is their Bioferm science method of keeping carefully selected active ingredients their most potent to most benefit the skin against the effects of aging and damage.

Due to this advanced bio-technical fermentation process, the products work with your immune system to repair and rejuvenate skin from within.  After reading the science, I had to see for myself what Immunocologie’s line was like.  Fortunately, I got to work with the Eye Repair Treatment Creme and the Line Smoothing Treatment Serum for this review.

The first thing you notice when you remove the cardboard cylinder are the special violet glass containers to further preserve the integrity of the active ingredients in those products from sunlight.  

Let me begin my experience with the Line Smoothing Treatment Serum.  Once I opened it, I did notice the product had a slight odor.  However, this smell quickly vanished upon application.   Although I haven’t been using this product long,  I could hardly believe my eyes.  My complexion is getting a beautiful overhaul with improved tone and a glorious radiance to it and only after about two weeks!   Even a small mark left from a pimple is hardly visible now.   I’m seeing my fine lines are hardly apparent. 

Immunocologie Line Smoothing Treatment Serum.jpeg
Immunocolgie  Line Smoothing Treatment Serum Review

Though slower, the more pronounced wrinkles at the sides of my cheeks while plumper, are improving also.   Nonetheless, they are filling in, which is exciting.  I am hopeful of what other results await with more time and further use of this serum.

The Eye Repair Treatment Creme was another gem.  This soothing rich cream that felt like silk when applied and was gentle enough for someone like me with allergies while providing a smooth base for eye makeup.  What I must say is after I’ve been using this product now is that I’ve been using less concealer to cover up my dark under eye circles.  Trust me, but my allergic shiners can give a raccoon competition to see whose rings are darker!  However, this eye cream is lightening the area to leave me with almost normal coloring.  Again, I only have been using this cream for close to two weeks and am already seeing amazing things.  

From my personal experience, Immunocologie’s line is amazing and I would LOVE to experiment and review more of their products.  The only pitfall that I see is price.   The Eye Repair Treatment Creme is $125 and the Line Smoothing Treatment Serum is $175. 

Nonetheless, Immunocologie is the Cadillac anti-aging line!  


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