MyBody Sensitive Skin Facial Products: Beat the Rush and Safety Blanket Review

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Most of the time my skin doesn’t act up and become sensitive.  However, it does react at times from one thing or another that I can’t explain.  Sometimes, I can get uncomfortable from being in the sun, perhaps a new product, or food and break out into an unsightly rash that hurts.  When I was asked to review some products from this line of medical-grade skin care known as MyBody (now Glowbiotics MD), I was glad since they arrived when I happened to have an unexpected flare up.

MyBody Beat the Rush and Safety Blanket skin care products.jpeg
MyBody Beat the Rush and Safety Blanket skin care products

I think my latest sensitivity problem may be related to shellfish–namely shrimp because now that I remember I experienced this issue about a year ago when I last ate it.  Today, I am still sporting a face full of fine pink pimples from last night’s dinner that leave a warmth under your skin to make the face sore.

I washed first with my unscented soap and then splashed with a lot of cold water to cool my face.  Then I remembered I had some new skin care products just for this type of problem.

Beat The Rush is the company’s anti-redness treatment.  According to the directions, I needed just a pump or two to fix what was ailing me.   The clinical strength specially targeted ingredients work to reprogram the skin from within to calm and hydrate. 

What I found was that discomfort started to gradually subside about five minutes later.  However, I still had the pink fine bumps to deal with. 

Nonetheless, I followed with Safety Blanket, their gentle hydrating lotion.  My skin seemed to drink that fast-absorbing lotion in with gusto. 

About an hour later, I  was noticing less pink bumps and more of face back.   In fact, my complexion kept looking healthier throughout the day.  By nighttime, my skin appeared to regain a gorgeous texture with unparalleled softness.

Anyone suffering from skin sensitivity problems should look into these excellent products because they really do help.  They also have a line of anti-aging and acne products as well. 

To help you figure the best products for you, they provide an online tool to match you up with the proper treatment.

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  No money was exchanged.  All I received were free products to facilitate this review.*


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