How to Brighten Your Smile With Strawberries!

How to Brighten Your Smile With Strawberries! Strawberries


Who would ever think that fresh strawberries and a little baking soda would have the power to effectively whiten teeth?  Though it sounds rather unusual, I thought it was probably a more pleasant way to accomplish whiter teeth than with those pasty whitening strips that make you want to gag after a while.  At least, this is my experience with those commercial whitening products. Therefore, let me show you how to brighten your smile with strawberries because it is so much easier.

I cut one small strawberry in half.  I ate one half and mashed the other with about one half of teaspoon or just enough to make a paste.  I dabbed some of this paste on my finger and rubbed it on my teeth.  I kept repeating this trying to use up my strawberry paste but did as much as I could before brushing my teeth with my normal toothpaste.

Believe it or not, I checked the color of my teeth and they were amazingly brighter.  I will definitely be doing the strawberry-baking soda brightening treatment again.

However, one half of a strawberry and about the same amount of baking soda was enough to do at least two mouths.  You’ll need to adjust the amount to suit yourself.  Next time, I will cut it so I eat more of the strawberry because it was bit too much before it becomes irritating.

I happened to hear this wonderful tip on how to brighten your smile with strawberries on Dr. Oz’s television show.  If you want to see something remarkable, then put this natural remedy to whiten your own teeth to the test.  Trust me, readers, you will get a prettier smile and save yourself some money in the process instead of suffering with those pasty whitening strips.


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    April 30, 2012 / 11:30 pm

    would totally love to have the erasezits

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