Dean’s Dairy Grocery Card Sweepstakes and Milk Review

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Dean’s Dairy

I hadn’t given much thought to milk until I heard about all unhealthy artificial growth hormones and antibiotics that I also was serving with each glass.  Dean’s Dairy that I recently reviewed, however, does no such thing.

Instead, Dean’s Dairy devised a five-point purity checklist to give concerned consumers peace of mind.  They never use artificial growth hormones.  All their cows are fed a nutritious diet to produce the best tasting milk.  No antibiotic is ever in their milk.  Their milk has steps to pass first before it hits the store.  All their milk is cold shipped from the dairy to stores within hours to guarantee freshness.

The next time you buy milk, I hope you try Dean’s Dairy because you can never be too careful when the health of your family is at stake.  I know that I will keep buying their milk.

From now until Mother’s Day, Dean’s Dairy is sponsoring a sweepstakes on Facebook for a $100 Grocery Gift Card with one winner per week.  All you need to do is “Like” them and fill in the entry form.

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  I received free products from Dean’s Dairy to facilitate this review.*


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