Mirabella Beauty Cosmetics Review

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Mirabella Beauty Blush Color Duo in Radiant.jpeg
Mirabella Beauty Blush Color Duo in Radiant

I love discovering great new products from companies that I may not have been aware of until doing my blog.  One fabulous company is Mirabella Beauty and the gorgeous selection that I was sent to review.

The first product that I want to go into is their Skin Tint Cream-to-Powder Foundation and their foolproof way to color selection.  Instead of guessing colors on the computer screen, which often don’t live up to your expectations, Mirabella uses a test to see how your skin takes to the sun, etc. as a guide to find your color known as the Fitzpatrick Find Your Match Skin Test.  

When my shade came out to be IIIN, I thought the shade might be too dark from what I saw on the screen.  However, I wanted to see how well that method worked and submitted that result when I put in my product choices.

When my cosmetics arrived, I thought the Skin Tint Cream-to-Powder Foundation looked slightly darker than my usual products.  Nonetheless, I have been fooled before.  Therefore, I took out the sponge from the hidden compartment inside the compact and applied.  To my happy surprise, the shade selected for me looked just about right as if it belonged there.   The coverage was lightweight enough for skin to breathe while hiding flaws in the process without talc or parabens.  

Mirabella Beauty Skin Tint Cream-to-Powder Foundation.jpeg
Mirabella Beauty Skin Tint Cream-to-Powder Foundation

An extra bonus was how convenient and easy this type of mineral-based foundation was to put on or take with you when you are rushed for time.

Next, I chose their Blush Colour Duo in Radiant.  These two shades are so pretty (one is brighter orange-pink) and the other is darker (a plum-pink).  With this compact, I can work two color families to change my look without buying two separate blushes.  The shades themselves are refreshingly sheer and deliver a radiant glow that I truly love.

Last, I got to pick out four of their Eye Colours.  I picked some beauties with #19 Woodstock, (a striking coppery brown with a shimmer), #13 Cultured (a dusky deep matte purple), #11 Vintage (a shimmering plum), and #28 Sorbet (a gleaming pot of pale pink for highlighting).  Each was a  perfect choice for my dark brown eyes.  In the photo below from left to right:  Sorbet, Woodstock, Vintage, and Cultured.

Mirabella Beauty Eye Colours.jpeg
Mirabella Beauty Eye Colours

The only criticism I had for these single eye shadows is that they do not come with a proper way to store them.  Once you take this single pan out of the matchbook type of paper container, then you need to figure out where you are going to keep this.  You can’t toss a plain eye shadow pan in your makeup bag or purse so get creative.   I have mine in an emptied small mint tin or a Sucrets tin would work.

On the plus side, the colors in these single eye shadows pans are stunning.  For $10 a piece you can sample so many brilliant possibilities without risking a fortune or create your custom eye shadow palette without guilt.

This was my first experience with Mirabella Beauty, but I honestly loved each of my choices and do recommend them.  In fact, I am very curious about some of their other products as well and would love to review more. 


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