Do You Need a Cheap and Safe Homemade Solution to Kill Poison Ivy?

Perhaps, you were gardening and already noticed those familiar leaves of three growing in your yard.  Before they can spread and cause even more trouble, you could try making up a batch of this simple non-toxic spray to kill those awful invaders.

All you need are three ingredients, a container to mix them in, and an empty spray bottle.  Be careful though once you spray because this formula can keep other plants.

Homemade Non-Toxic Spray to Kill Poison Ivy

1-1/4 cups of plain table salt
1 cup of white vinegar
10 drops of any liquid dish detergent

Mix the salt with your measured white vinegar until dissolved.  Next, add the liquid detergent to the salt and vinegar before filling your bottle.



  1. Heather!
    May 23, 2012 / 1:11 pm

    As somebody who tends to get poison ivy anytime I'm within a mile of it, I thank you for this 'recipe'! Over the years I have had really bad poison ivy rashes MANY times, and I've learned a few tricks for dealing with it. Most are fairly standard, but I thought I'd share the best one with, just in case you don't get rid of the plant quickly enough and actually get poison ivy. Use whatever products you want to shorten the duration of the rash, but to stop the itching you can use heat. Super hot water or air will work; I prefer the hair dryer. Just apply heat to the affected area. I use a blow dryer, and I blow on the area until I really can't stand anymore. The idea is that your brain thinks your skin is burning and it sends endorphins to minimize the pain. It's a good way to keep from having to scratch, and it lasts about eight hours. Best home remedy I've ever learned!

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