Kenra Professional Hair Styling Products Review–Part One

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Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray, Clear Paste 20, Volume Mousse Extra 17 and Volume Spray 25 hair products.jpeg
Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray, Clear Paste 20, Volume Mousse Extra 17 and Volume Spray 25 hair products

Trying to achieve beautiful hair can take work.  The problem can be complicated if your hair happens to have its own set of unique quirks–like yours truly.  However, I have been testing some truly wonderful Kenra Professional hair styling products that I want to share with you because I am confident they will help put a smile of your face.

The first thing I did after washing my hair was to test Kenra’s Platinum Blow-Dry Spray on my still damp hair.  This was more than just a heat protection spray from that damage your blow dryer can cause.  This product can help reduce your drying time as well.  Furthermore, this will come in handy if you have a frizz problem when humidity is high–like those of us with some natural curl will appreciate.

I happen to be cursed with forceful down growing bangs and some stubborn natural curl that you need to fight if you want it to go in the right direction instead of sticking out to taunt you.  So severe a hair obstacle like this requires heavy duty hair products.  When I tried the Kenra Clear Paste 20, I got the strong styling power I needed to keep this long sweep of bangs back with lots of shine and moveable flexible hold.  In addition, this texturizing paste didn’t make my hair look dirty and weighed with product either!

Since I have some layers to take advantage of my natural curl, I tried the Kenra Volume Mousse Extra 17 (Firm Hold Fixative) next.  I worked about two  small puffs through the rest of my hair and grabbed by ceramic styling brushes and blow dryer to finish drying.

What I discovered when I was through styling was a head of beautiful hair.  Those impossible bangs of mine behaved and felt soft, which often to have control like that would make them feel hard almost like I used glue instead of a product.  Believe it or not, my curls sprang up to their full glory that I skipped that extra step of using my curling iron.

After I stopped admiring myself, I reached for the Kenra Volume Spray 25 (Super Hold Finishing Spray) to keep everything perfect.  This product is beyond awesome because my hairstyle was preserved without drooping even when I went out shopping and got caught in the rain.  I can see how this won eight awards for favorite hairspray, including this 2012 as the Stylist Choice Award Winner from

Honestly, if these styling products can solve my hair nightmares, then I know they can help you too.  I really recommend visiting Kenra and discovering these and their other products because they can give you gorgeous hair to be proud of.

I really love this line and will tell you about more Kenra soon–and hopefully what you read will help you too!

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  No money was exchanged.  All I received were free products to facilitate this review.*


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