Kenra Professional Hair Styling Products Review–Part Two

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Kenra Platinum Working Wax 15, Boosting Spray-Foam 17, Shine Serum, Volum Spritz Spray 25.jpeg
Kenra Platinum Working Wax 15, Boosting Spray-Foam 17, Shine Serum, Volum Spritz Spray 25

I am becoming spoiled now that I have discovered Kenra Professional.  After I had sampled a few items from this company and saw how much easier their hair styling products made to my difficult head of hair, I kept wanting to experiment with more.   You see I had to know if I had just been lucky with my choices or come across a truly exceptional line.  And let me assure you once I finished, I was further impressed.  All four of these new products I worked with for this review went beyond the call of duty!

Listen up, because you are not going to want to be without Kenra Shine Serum. This stuff can really deliver a radical shine.   I applied a small amount to my damp hair before the styling products.  You can also use this product on dry hair as well if you want to give your hair super shine. 

I followed with their Kenra Platinum Working Wax 15 to my long, feathered bangs that I wear to the side.  They like to spite me, being forceful and down growing, just to make my life that much more pleasant unlike those of you that I envy with a normal head.  Therefore, waxes and texturizing putty type products are the only things strong enough to do battle with my hair.  I worked a little in and then reached for another product. 

The Kenra Platinum Boosting Spray-Foam 17 was the product I used next.  This protects your hair from heat from your blow dryer and curling irons, builds volume, and hold all in one product.  I applied some with special attention to my layers and then finally was ready for my blow-dryer and curling iron.

When I finally finished styling, I was beyond thrilled at the look of my hair.  My hair had tremendous shine, incredible fullness and hold.  I turned my head and giggled watching the bouncy curls and stared in amazement at how obedient my warrior bangs were suddenly, retreating to the side.  Despite those styling products, the touch was soft instead of sticky or hard, which I am pleased to report.

Since rain was predicted in the forecast, I didn’t want to risk my newfound loveliness.  Therefore,  I grabbed my last product the non-aerosol Kenra Volume Spritz Spray 25 and gave myself a finishing spray. 

Regardless of the humidity and brushing later in the day, my hair style stayed gloriously perfect without drooping.  I really am a fan now of this company and definitely will be wanting more! 

If these products can handle serious hair problems like what I have to suffer with, then I know help is only a click away for whatever your own hair needs happen to be.  Do visit Kenra Professional  and do yourself a favor by picking some up.

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  No money was exchanged.  All I received were free products to facilitate this review.*


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