Oscar Blandi Volumizing Styling Products Review


Oscar Blandi Volumizing Spray
Oscar Blandi Volumizing Spray


Finding the right volumizing styling products can be a challenge at times.  After all, there are so many great companies and new products to choose from that at times it can become baffling.  Then again, dear readers, you have me to volunteer my head for hair styling experimentation like with these Oscar Blandi volumizing styling products so I can share my findings with you to help you make a better informed decision!

As I explained in prior reviews, I do not think volumizing styling products are only intended for those with baby fine hair.  On the contrary, I think most people can benefit, especially if they have some layering and a bit of curl in their hair like mine to really see the wonders of what these products can do.  Trust me, but volumizing products can be your hair’s new best friends if only you give them a chance.

Oscar Blandi Volumizing Hair Lift Instant Thickening & Strengthening Serum
Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Instant Thickening & Strengthening Serum

Oscar Blandi’s Hair Lift Instant Thickening & Strengthening Serum was what I applied first to my freshly washed hair while it was still damp.  This product was a Self Magazine Healthy Beauty Awards Winner of 2011 with special deep moisturizing properties from sodium hyaluronate and the use of marine glycogen for plumping up hair.  I only used the recommended dime-size amount of this product before any styling product like the Volumizing Spray, which I followed with next to further nourish hair with wheat protein, sea kelp, panthenol (Vitamin B5), and castor oil, aloe vera, and sea algae.

The directions for the Oscar Blandi Volumizing Spray call for spraying directly on the root.  However, I have some natural curl and waves and found I had better results when spraying slightly higher than advised with the angles and behavior of my hair.  I tried to evenly distribute what I applied by combing it through my hair before I dried.

The heat from my blow dryer turned on that Oscar Blandi magic.  My hair felt so silky soft with fuller curls and such incredible gloss that you kept wanting to turn and watch it catch the light in your mirror at every angle.

When your hair is as beautiful as this, you want that look to last.  Therefore, I went for my Oscar Blandi Lacca Hairspray for Volume, Hold, and Shine and sprayed.  Instead of choking hair spray fumes, I discovered the pleasant scent of honeysuckle in a formula that was free of any harmful CFC’s.  I had no hard, tacky touch from this hairspray, but nice, moveable hold that lasted throughout my day.  This remarkable formula  uses sugar, honey, and vitamins E and B5 to keep hair soft without any static or flyaway hair problem.

Oscar Blandi Volumizing Lacca Hairspray
Oscar Blandi Lacca Hairspray

Readers, you need to try these three Oscar Blandi  volumizing styling essentials and see what they can do to beautify your hair as well.  Honestly, you will love what you see in the mirror once you work with these.  Do check these fine volumizing styling products out and learn more about other Oscar Blandi products at their website.



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