Save Your Winter Wardrobe From Moths With These Homemade Natural Repellants!

You are probably cleaning those winter clothes and ready to store them away until next year.  If you hate using those foul-smelling mothballs or crystals, then you are not alone.  They are disgusting and conjure up memories of the past when a friend used to radiate that strong toxic aroma with every sweater he wore all through college.  Regardless of his cologne, the sickly smell of those mothballs would linger.

However, there are better ways to keep those vulnerable wool items safe from the destruction of moths without offending delicate noses.  Besides cedar or cedar chips, you have some other sweet smelling options.  You could use whole cloves, which is a wonderful deterrent. 

Those that like to garden should think of planting these two perennials: lavender and rosemary to dry.  Though both are fragrant, you get double duty with being able to season your food with the rosemary as well. 

Another interesting aid in the battle against moths comes in the form of saving orange peels and drying them. 

For those handy with thread and needle, you might want to sew pretty sachet packets to hang around the clothes or to leave inside with the items. You could also improvise.  Use a piece of thin material about the size of a hankerchief and tie.  

Whatever option you go with is better than those toxic mothballs and crystals for your lungs, the environment, and those expensive woolens those pesky insects always seem to find!


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