The Power of Dried Plums for Bone Health

power of dried plums for bone health


You may never think of dried plums in the same way after you read this.  Besides being tasty and able to keep your system regular, this variety of dried fruit also can be extremely beneficial to women when it comes to bone health. This could be your incentive to want to add dried plums to your diet to help with bone health.

Postmenopausal women in one study took calcium and Vitamin D in supplement form while adding two servings of dried plums a day for one year.  What the researchers found was that the dried plums for bone health actually slowed osteoporosis or reversed the breakdown of bone brought on by age significantly.

In fact, they believe even just one serving might do the trick to keep your bones strong or help slow osteoporosis down.

From their findings, the reason dried plums could work improving bone mineral density might be attributed to the potassium, boron, and vitamin K.

As interesting as what dried plums can do for women, it has also been studied for its bone health benefits for men. What researchers found was that men needed to consume dried plums regularly for 12 months to improve the interior of bone tissue.

I don’t know about you, but I already jotted dried plums on my grocery list.  After all, you might as well eat something natural with nutrition now instead of a pill later for bone health.


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