Crabtree & Evelyn’s Nantucket Briar Eau de Toilette Spray and Hand Cream Review

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Crabtree & Evelyn’s Nantucket Briar Eau de Toilette Spray and Hand Cream 

You don’t have to leave home to experience the island beauty of Nantucket.  All you need is to close your eyes and smell Crabtree & Evelyn‘s Nantucket Briar Eau de Toilette Spray and instantly you can escape.  Before you know it, you breathe in that warm salty sea air from above a cliff as you petal past stretches of lush green and the sweet perfume of wild briar roses overlooking the sea. 

A twist in the narrow path takes you to biking past a quaint cottage and freshly laundered linens with something delicious baking once  those scents merge together with a hearty gust of wind to be etched in your mind like a permanent marker.  This is the essence of Nantucket Briar and the beautiful way to travel there thanks to Crabtree & Evelyn.

Nantucket Briar became an instant hit soon after it launched in 1985.   This classic oriental floral evokes a feeling of sheer beauty that is uplifting.  

With top notes of fresh greens and bergamot to mimic warm days along the seaside along with a powdery softness from wild briar roses and vanilla, the scent is very feminine and well suited for summer to keep you dressed, but comfortable.  Think of white cotton and lots of lace.  And yet, the same wearer is unafraid to take off those white leather sandals to walk barefoot in the sand just to feel the warm sand massaging her feet because it is impossible to resist. 

The more the scent warms with amber in the base, the airier and more hauntingly sweet those wild briar roses make it so uniquely  captivating and special like a precious summer vacation memory that you can recapture only in fragrance form.

I also was sent a tube of their award-winning Nantucket Briar Hand Cream.   This is another way to you continue that powdery fragrant pleasure rush while soothing and moisturizing hands with their intensive Shea butter treatment.  I found that you only need to use very little to heal dry, rough skin in this long-lasting formula, which stays on even through many hand washs.  

In my opinion, this is an ideal long-lasting summer fragrance, especially for those that appreciate a powdery clean scent touched with rose and amber, airy enough that it seems to float softly with bergamot and fresh greens once it becomes airborne. 

Wearing Nantucket Briar is like experiencing the timeless beauty of an endless summer and I adore it.   I honestly think you should experience this classic scent and wonderful hand cream for yourself to fully appreciate it.


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