Dazzle Perfume by Paris Hilton Review

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Dazzle Perfume by Paris Hilton

Glamorous celebrity, Paris Hilton, dazzles like a star wherever she goes.  Her newly launched fragrance for Parlux Fragrances of summer 2012, Dazzle, is a bright inner reflection of the style icon’s personality that will make any woman shine with a feeling of total beauty and confidence from inside and out in this very special scent.  

Working with perfumer, Frank Voelkl, this sparkling fruity-floral oozes with femininity and romance that make it truly irresistible. 

This sparkling fragrance opens with pink lady apple, maraschino cherry, and juicy peach nectar for a lively burst of playful fun and happiness.  Those beginning notes balance from sweet to tart until that peach flows into the mix to add a delicious flirting aspect to it for that girly pink allure. 

The heart is where the magic happens as it becomes luminous from bright violet petals, glistening with the hidden temptation of pink calypso orchids and bewitching with an intoxicating bounty of sun and orange blossoms gathered at their peak for a sense of warmth.

The base embraces all that makes Dazzle so delightful  with whipped vanilla to give it that light, dreamy quality and yet once the sensuous white patchouli and crystallized musk emerge, the still luminous fragrance takes on genuine passion that haunts.

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Dazzle Perfume

Created by Henry de Monclin of HDM Design, the bottle itself is a true reflection of the precious ultra feminine fragrance. Inspired by a pink diamond, the round bottle is pink and faceted to house the precious ultra feminine fragrance with a silver cap glittering with a ring of pink jewels for an elegant touch.

Of all the Paris Hilton Fragrances, I am particularly fond of Dazzle most of all.  If you want a light fruity-floral that definitely leaves a beautiful romantic impression, then I recommend experiencing this fragrance.   All it takes is a direct contact with this scent and you’ll be a fan, too!


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