Ecko by Marc Ecko Fragrance for Men Review

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Ecko by Marc Ecko Fragrance for Men

Designer, Marc Ecko’s first fragrance for men, Ecko, is an extraordinary expression of living life to the fullest  with cool confidence and unstoppable spirit.   Created by perfumers, Vincent Kuczinski and Lois Evan, from Ungerer & Co Company, in cooperation with Marc, this brand launched in 2009 under Parlux Fragrances.

Classified as an aromatic fougere scent, Ecko opens with a stimulating impact to capture your senses.  With top notes such as iced ginger, white grapefruit, liquid lightening accord, and hyper citrus accord, the feel of Ecko is jolting fresh and charming, but is also cool and debonair until Absinthe dilutes the mixture for a warm sensuality and almost intoxicating appeal.   Underlying the crisp masculine heart, this fragrance beats through a wild green jungle of violet leaves, black licorice, and wild artemisia for strength and boldness that gives it a sweetness to break through that iciness nicely.  The base is electric and driven with notes of static accord and energized musk accord, and yet melts with warmth and passion from white incense and tonka beans. 

Like the bottle itself, this fragrance has many different sides.  On one hand, Ecko is daring and ready to defy convention while on the other it has control and supreme confidence that steadies it and keeps open a world of unlimited possibilities.

My take is this is the ideal scent for the man that is a risk taker, but one that is smart enough to know when to stop.  He is suave and coolly collected, but almost ruthless when it comes to getting what he wants with an energy and determination that makes him irresistible.  If this sounds like your man, then Ecko is what you should consider buying him this Father’s Day! 


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