Melvita Argan Oil Review

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Melvita Argan Oil 

If your hair and skin are crying out for some beauty help, then I have just the thing from French certified organic beauty brand, Melvita.  You need to try their Argan Oil that I was sent for this review because it is amazing for what it can do for you with just one multipurpose product.  

Melvita’s Argan Oil is the first cold-pressed organic oil from Fair Trade Sources and it is as pure of an organic Argan oil that you can get with ECOCERT and Cosmebio certifications.  You may not know this, but not all Argan oils can meet such rigorous standards and often have other ingredients in their formulas.

One or two drops of this outstanding lightly scented oil can do wonders when you rub some into your freshly washed, slightly damp hair.  This will revitalize and leave a face-flattering shine and add softness.   This product’s pure fatty acids and bounty of antioxidants will perk up the dullness and leave your hair with a new vitality whenever it starts to disappoint you.  My hair is shoulder-length and one drop is enough.  However, if you happen to have very long hair, you probably will need more.

I love what this stuff can do for the ends of your hair.  Sometimes, I put a dab extra on that vulnerable part of my hair to help fix those split ends.

For hair that suffered a lot of damage, you could use more of this oil for a deep hair conditioner.   One time I gave my mother’s hair an overnight treatment.  I pumped out enough until her short hair felt adequately  saturated.  We wrapped her head in some plastic wrap before I made her a turban out of a towel.  When she shampooed the next morning, her badly permed hair looked and felt like human hair again instead of the frizzy, fried mass that she sported only twenty-four hours earlier.

Then again, I found this oil can do equally fabulous things for your complexion.  I like to apply a few drops after washing my face and neck while it is still damp.  You might think applying an oil would make you greasy but it quickly sinks into your skin leaving only soothing moisture behind with a slight sheen.

When I spend a lot of time in the sun, I like to rub a few drops over my damp body after I step out of the shower.  This extra step really seems to help the skin feel healthier.

Those that haven’t tried Argan oil yet, then I do recommend Melvita’s.  Their pure formula can save you money on two fronts as both a hair and skin aid in one.  Furthermore, you’ll love the fact this oil comes in a bottle with a pump unlike most others.  

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  No money was exchanged.  All I received was a free product to facilitate this review.*


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