Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo & Pronto Instant Glossing Cream Review

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Pronto Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo and Instant Glossing Cream

Whether it’s a busy schedule, sickness, or after a workout that keeps you from your normal shampooing, there are times when you simply are unable to do it.  However, I was sent some wonderful Oscar Blandi products to review that can help you out of that horrible hair feeling.

I purposely left my hair unwashed for a few days complete with styling products to test how Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo would work on my hair.  Holding the can about six inches away from my head, I sprayed the product thoroughly over my head, concentrating on my scalp and roots.  This goes on clear and has a nice lemon scent to it with a refreshing cool feel once you work it in.

I wasn’t sure how well a water free shampoo would clean all that residue left behind from styling products.  According to the label, this product uses gentle starches to absorb the oil and remove that build-up while Vitamin E and wheat proteins fortify and protect those fragile strands.

After I let the sprayed shampoo dry, I fluffed my hair with my fingers to shake out the excess powder.  Once done, I grabbed my brush and worked at my hair to get rid of the remaining traces of the shampoo. 

My dry hair did look cleaner and fluffed up again with gleaming vitality.  I liked how soft it felt without any greasy or stickiness to it as well.  I honestly was surprised that my hair could look this nice without traditional water and shampoo.  Nonetheless, it did and I was thrilled to have found a reliable product when the conventional form of shampooing is ruled out.

Although my hair had some gloss to it, I wanted to see what their multi-tasking Oscar Blandi Pronto Instant Glossing Cream could do.  Besides the promise of more gloss, this product I learned fights frizz with silicones and saves hair from heat damage from styling tools or the sun.  I worked a small amount through my hair before pulling out my curling iron to style.  This stuff was like the cherry on a sundae for how it topped the overall beauty of my hair as it conditioned and made it hold onto the curl better while intensifying that shine.   

The next day I washed my hair and used my normal shampoo to test if the Pronto Instant Glossing Cream would work any differently.  While my hair was still damp,  I applied some and dried before styling my hair in the same way.  Again, I was deeply impressed with how extra glossy and luxurious my hair felt thanks to this formula with kertain proteins and Pro-Vitamin B5.

I definitely recommend both of these Oscar Blandi products because they are great hair saviors.  So do pick them up and stop worrying because your hair will still look great regardless of  the circumstances!

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  No money was exchanged.  All I received were free products to facilitate this review.*


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