Review of Essence Lipsticks Spring/Summer 2012 Shades From Essence Cosmetics

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Essence Lipsticks Spring/Summer 2012

If you are under the assumption that only a great lipstick comes in a fancy gold tube at a considerable cost, then you may be unaware of the award-winning line of lipsticks that I just tested from Essence Cosmetics.  I was sent fives tubes from their new Spring/Summer 2012 line and can’t believe what a beautiful steal they are!

Essence Cosmetics is a rapidly growing German beauty company that you may not be familiar with yet, but they are taking Europe by storm with trendy, fashionable shades and innovative quality products that are extremely affordable with nothing more than $3.99 like these lipsticks at $2.49 each.  Now that I have your attention, you are probably wondering how could anything good be so inexpensive?

And yet, Essence lipsticks are exactly what you expect from the ideal lipstick with luscious color, juicy feel, reasonable durability at a bargain of a price.  

Before I talk about the colors, I need to tell you about the moisturizing comfort these Essence lipsticks provide.  They glide on and stay put without sinking into your lips for about four hours before you need to reapply.  In fact, I applied in the morning and even had a cup of coffee and this product stuck to my lips and not my cup. 

In my photo, the shades from left to right shown are: #43 Kiss You, #40 Look at Me, #01 Frosted, #50 Creamy Nude, and #12 Sparkling Miracle.  At first glance, the colors look brighter and more opaque in the tubes.  However, each of these shades comes on sheer and all but one has a delightful shimmer that can work for practically everyone’s coloring.

For example, I didn’t find the #01 Frosted all that appealing since it looked practically white and opaque in the tube.  However, this one really fooled me because it glides on as a gorgeous sheer shimmering pale pink.

The #40 Look at Me delivers a sizzling sheer beige-brown that lights up your lips with a soft gleam. 

The #43 Kiss You is a brighter pink that when applied washes your lips with healthy pink that is slightly darker than the pretty #01 Frosted.

#50 Creamy Nude lacks the shimmer but not the natural polish it can bring to your lips.  This is a wonderful neutral shade that can go with everything.

Although I loved the colors of all of them because each is uniquely special, I think my particular favorite has to be #12 Sparkling Miracle.  This is a riveting pink-plum shade with lots of gleam that can give you a glamorous pout. 

Honestly, I think Essence lipsticks are amazing and definitely want to try more of their products very soon.  At this price, you can have fun changing your look without ever feeling guilty that you overspent.  Trust me, if you don’t check these products and where to buy out them then you will really be missing out on a fabulous discovery! 

 *Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  No money was exchanged.  All I received were free products to facilitate this review.*


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  1. Hina Mohammad
    November 23, 2012 / 10:46 pm

    like the colors :)

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