A Cooling Way to Moisturize for Summer Skin Pampering!

Refrigerating your skin care in the summer is refreshing and can prolong the life of your products.

Whether you have air conditioning or not, this summer heat can be brutal.  However, if you want a refreshing way to moisturize, then I suggest storing your eye cream, moisturizer, and body lotion in the refrigerator at this time of year.  This cool moisture feels so soothing against your skin.  Trust me, I do this and it seems to wake up your face and body instantly in the most delightful pampering fashion.

Another benefit is that this change of where you temporarily store those creams and lotions help to keep those products, especially organic ones, from possibly breaking down during this heat.  This is only a problem for those without air conditioning. 

If you have any soft eye pencils that you intend to sharpen, I recommend storing them in the refrigerator during the summer first as well if you don’t run your air conditioner constantly or have one.  The cold will harden them up enough to prevent them breaking when sharpening. 

You will thank me once you try this little tip!


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