French Clary Sage Perfume by Lisa Hoffman Beauty Review

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Lisa Hoffman Beauty French Clary Sage Perfume.jpeg
Lisa Hoffman Beauty’s French Clary Sage Eau de Parfum

I recently had the pleasure of working with Lisa Hoffman Beauty with this review of her French Clary Sage perfume.  This is one of the five in her line which also includes Japanese Agarwood, Tunisian Neroli, Tuscan Fig, and Madagascar Orchid to compose an exquisite collection capturing beauty from around the world to fit the modern woman.

Anyone searching for a light floral fragrance with a clean type of freshness would fall in love with this gorgeous perfume.  With yellow freesia and sparkling water notes to complement the French clary sage, you instantly feel your heart soaring with inner joy from the light sweetness of this floral.  This weightless feeling of total bliss carries you above the tranquil rippling water along the lush green of the French countryside where clary sage is growing to add a subtle freshness for a delicate, calming balance.  And yet, this fragrant journey takes you even further when the cotton and linen accords develop to lend an incredible soft clean, powdery essence to polish and ground you in this very feminine romantic scent.

Simply stated, I loved it!  If this sounds like your kind of fragrance, then I highly recommend getting a bottle of French Clary Sage Eau de Parfum Spray by Lisa Hoffman Beauty–and prepare for a joyous flight of your senses! 


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