Kenra Professional Shampoos and Conditioners Review–Part Two

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Kenra Professional Shampoos and Conditioners

Although I do have an abundance of thick hair, it is more of a medium texture.  However, my mother happens to have a head of thick, wiry hair with the texture of a fresh scouring pad.  Therefore, I thought that I would put Kenra Professional and their Platinum Color Care Sulfate-Free Shampoo for Thick/Coarse Hair and Reconstructor/Conditioner for Thick/Coarse Hair to the ultimate test on her head to see if the pair could, indeed, live up to the challenge.  

I must tell you that upon using these two products, she gained considerable manageability instead of being frizzy as she often experiences.  The coarse texture of her hair felt so much softer with a nice gloss to it as well probably helped from the shea butter in the formula.

She has tried lots of different brands and varieties, but this is the best I have ever witnessed.  Furthermore, she is thrilled to have finally found the “one” that does magically do the trick!  In fact, she already marked the names down for a few of her friends after they complimented her on how beautiful her hair looked.   They wanted to know if she changed stylists.  Though secretly smiling inside, my mother doesn’t believe in keeping something as wonderful as Kenra Professional to herself and before long shared the story of her hair happiness with those friends, which I am happy to report.  

I also thought it would be interesting to see how Kenra Professional’s Platinum Color Care Dry Shampoo worked.  I must be honest.  Nothing feels better on your scalp than running water and regular shampoo for that sensation of clean.  Nonetheless, there are times when normal shampooing may not be possible such as due to illness or time.  

Then again, hair that has been freshly colored lasts longer the less times it is washed the conventional way with water and shampoo.  If thrown into your normal routine, rotating with a dry shampoo could help keep hair color more vibrant and prevent fading for a greater period of time, which is another consideration on why I wanted to try this type of product. 

With that said, I left my hair alone for a few days before I put this dry shampoo to the test.  This yummy fruity melon smelling formula has a rice starch to absorb the oil and dirt along with UV protection and panthenol to give hair back that plumping volume.

My hair felt cleaner with that delicious scent as I touched and brushed without being sticky.  At the same time, I did notice a slight residue and worried if that would cause a problem.  On the contrary, I quickly found out that bit of leftover substance seemed to aid in restyling my hair like magic!

I can’t begin to tell you the difference the right hair products like Kenra Professional has to offer that can  change your appearance–as well as brighten your attitude from the change in your personal style.  I highly recommend trying them.


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