Melvita’s Bio-Excellence Extraordinary Day Cream Review

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Melvita’s Bio-Excellence Extraordinary Day Cream

I love pampering my skin.    Every opportunity available you will find me slathering on some luxurious concoction to moisturize, peel, or reduce the signs of aging.  Recently, I have been testing Melvita’s Bio-Excellence Extraordinary Day Cream.

This is an ultra-rich formula from the certified organic French Beauty brand that provides intensive moisture through a combination of mango, cocoa butters, and olive squalane that keeps the complexion nicely hydrated.  Another thing I liked was its brightening power due to the anti-oxidizing action of pomegranate and manganese.  

My skin is dry even in the summer.  However, I found this formula that comes in a pump dispenser went into the skin quickly and kept me comfortable all day without making me to feel greasy.  Those with sensitive or very dry complexions would appreciate how gentle this product feels probably due to the soothing ingredients of aloe vera and linden water.

I have only used this cream for about two weeks now.   Though I can’t say miracles have happened, I must admit my face feels soft and wonderful.  I also have noticed more luminosity to my complexion overall, which seems to gradually improve daily.

You can also feel good about the fact certified organic natural ingredients are going into your skin instead of a ton of chemicals in similar products.  Do check out Melvita‘s Bio-Excellence Extraordinary Day Cream or other fine products because I’m confident you will be pleased as much as I am with this product.

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  No money was exchanged.  All I received was a free product to facilitate this review.*


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