Melvita’s Capiforce Split Ends Serum Review

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Melvita’s Capiforce Split Ends Serum 

We put our hair through the ringer every day without realizing the daily damage we do to it.  In our hurried attempts to get out of the house with hair styled as we like, that high-wattage blow dryer, curling or flat iron can be betraying us.  While we twist, curl, or straighten, we often fry those fragile strands until our hair revolts with dryness like hay and weakness from split ends.  If this sounds like the normal torture that you also inflict on your own head, then you need to hear about Melvita, the ECOCERT-organic skin and hair care experts and leading French Beauty brand, and their Capiforce Split Ends Serum that I have been testing.

This serum is a lightweight formula that has can help revitalize with smoothing olive, Argan,  jojoba and sunflower oils, apricot and sea beet to seal split ends and moisturize while it returns strength to suffering hair. 

You can use this corrective treatment on damp or dry hair as needed.  I found that a drop applied to my damp ends after daily shampooing and another drop through the rest of my hair was enough to soon notice a difference.  My hair had lots more shine, manageability with a great improvement in trading that crispy feel for one of softness. 

Depending on the length and severity of your problem, the amount of Capiforce Split Ends Serum will vary from person to person.  You need to test the amount that works best for you.  On the same note, I must admit this hair serum is a fantastic fix to get your undamaged hair back.

Now that I have my hair in a far superior state than I started, I now am using this serum on a semiweekly basis for maintenance because it still looks just as nice and more treatments would be overkill!  Nonetheless, I will be keeping more of this on hand once I finish with this bottle because it is a beautiful and quick hair fix, which I recommend to anyone plagued by the same problem. 


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