Melvita’s Orange Blossom Floral Water and Rose Extraordinary Floral Water Review

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Melvita’s Orange Blossom Floral Water

I have always been a fan of floral water for its amazing beneficial properties when it comes to awakening and renewing a complexion.  Up until this review, I had strictly devoted my attentions to rose floral water, which I regularly use.  However, when I had the chance to review Melvita’s Orange Blossom Floral Water and their new Rose Extraordinary Water, I looked forward to finding out how they compared.

Since I had spent a bit  too long in the sun the other day, my face needed more tender loving care than normal.  Therefore, I decided upon the Orange Blossom Floral Water first after cleansing to help soothe it.   This specific vitamin-enriched formula with citrus flowers is geared for those with irritated, blotchy skin to help renew it.   

What I experienced with the Melvita Orange Blossom Floral Water was a refreshing way to cool my skin’s sensitivity while taking off the last traces of grime when I checked my cotton ball after applying it.  This nice smelling product was also a great way to prepare my skin for day or later night cream. 

Misting with this floral water over makeup does help to set it.   However, what I really liked was misting throughout the day whenever my irritated face needed soothing.

When my face returned to normal, I switched to the Rose Extraordinary Water.  Unlike my former brand of rose water, this was not to mist.  Instead, Melvita’s product has a thicker, gel-like consistency due to the hyaluronic acid and organic glycerine along with rose essential water for increased moisture besides having firming capabilities from marsh clover.

Melvita's Orange Rose Extraordinary Floral Water.jpeg
Melvita’s  Rose Extraordinary Floral Water Review

Dabbing some of this fragrant gel on was a pleasant way to start or end a day, especially once you saw how beautifully taken my face was with this formula.  The skin itself had a glow about it and a few lines seemed to partially seal up in the process after about a week.  

I kept to my practice of applying this Rose Extraordinary Water after cleansing before my moisturizing routine and found this worked even better than my old mist. 

Anyone wanting to substantially drench or soothe their complexions with beneficial organics would also find either of these floral waters from certified organic French Beauty brand, Melvita, just as wonderful. 


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