Mirabella Beauty Lip Colour (Fleur) and Colour Sheer (Chasharella) Lipsticks Review + Swatches!

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Mirabella Beauty Lip Colour (Fleur) and Colour Sheer (Chasharella) Lipsticks.jpeg
Mirabella Beauty Lip Colour (Fleur) and Colour Sheer (Chasharella) Lipsticks

Several months ago it was my privilege to work with Mirabella Beauty on a review of an assortment of their products.  As a result, I had made some wonderful new beauty discoveries.  This time I was curious what their lipsticks would be like and was sent two to work with.

Mirabella has two types that include the traditional fuller pigmented variety in the Lip Colour Lipstick line of eighteen.  The other variety is their Colour Sheer Lipstick, which looks much darker in the tube than once applied. Both types are lead and paraben free to keep your lips healthy while beautiful.

The Lip Colour Lipstick in Fleur was a medium pink infused with a touch of gleaming raspberry color that I really thought was pretty.  This felt so incredibly moisturizing on the lips as well and lasted for about five hours without bleeding or fading.  

modeling Mirabella Beauty Lip Colour (Fleur) lipstick.jpeg

Below is yours truly wearing Fleur in this photo.

Buying the right shade of red can often be a challenge.  After all, there are orange-reds, blue-reds, brown-reds, and then clown reds, those garish bright reds that look like you belong in the circus.  For those like myself that have more tubes of red than we care to admit, I am pleased to tell you that you would definitely like Mirabella’s Colour Sheer Lipstick in Chasharella.  This is a sexy, but very easy shade of soft red to wear that also drenches your lips in soothing moisture thanks to the mango butter in this formula.  Though slightly less lasting than the Lip Colour Lipstick, this wears well also. 

modeling Mirabella Beauty Lip Colour Colour Sheer (Chasharella) Lipstick.jpeg
Here I’m modeling Mirabella Beauty Lip Colour Colour Sheer (Chasharella) Lipstick

Looking good is easy if you have the right products–and both varieties of these lipsticks are a perfect place to start!  Do visit Mirabella Beauty and check these out because I know you would love them as well.


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