Review: NYC New York Color Cosmetics–Some Must Haves! 

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NYC New York Color Cosmetics Smooth Skin Liquid Makeup, City Duel 2-in-1 Lipsticks and Smooch Proof 16 Hour Lip Stains

Do you want to look great without breaking the bank? You may think only premier lines with their fancy packaging can make this happen. However, you may be surprised at the excellent cosmetics that you can find for hardly a fraction of those high end brands at your drug store like NYC New York Color.  

Yesterday, I shared my feelings regarding some of their new NYC New York Color eye products.  Today, I wanted to give you my take on the other products I was sent to work with for this review.

The NYC New York Color Smooth Skin Liquid Makeup in Barely Beige exceeded my wildest expectations for a foundation with its beautiful medium coverage and natural satiny finish.   Choosing a shade can be difficult whether online or in the stores with their lighting, but this shade was just right for my light skin with yellow undertones as well.   Furthermore, I was impressed at how nicely it held up throughout a hot summer day without melting or settling into lines.  It was hard to believe this can be had for $2.99.

On the other hand, this foundation is rather thick for a liquid, almost nearing a cream in consistency.  A tube container or a pump for the bottle would have made it easier to get it out of the bottle.  Despite that slight fault, I still love this product for the luminous look it gives.

I experimented with the NYC New York Color Cheek Glow Blush  in West Side Wine as wellThis is a  smooth powder blush with a matte finish.   The color is a natural medium dusky rose with a bit of plum that was gorgeous, especially with my light warm complexion.  In fact, this shade looks darker in the container than once you sweep it on your cheeks, but you can build on this nicely for the intensity you want.  Like most blushes that still come with a brush, I suggest using your own separately purchased brush.

The Sun ‘n’ Bronze Bronzing Powder in Hamptons Radiance was what I tested next.  This has strips of shimmering pink-peach-beige-brown and soft beiges in one compact.  When you swirl these colors together, you can get a striking combination of gleaming color best for shining some pearly soft pink-peach light to highlight cheekbones or for wearing at night.   

The Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder All Over Bronze Glow was a matte palette of varying browns, beiges,  and sort of a brick color.  This is more of a bronzing powder than a face powder that has a fine texture to it that with a few simple sweeps of your brush can give a  healthy sun-kissed glow without a shimmer.  I really liked this product except this particular color choice was slightly dark for my light skin.  Nonetheless, I could still wear this more for contouring only I needed to use a light hand because this is quite pigmented.

Something fun was NYC New York Colors new City Duel 2-in-1 Lip Color, a creamy lipstick split in half with two different shades!  The Rock A Fellas is a lively coral paired up with almost a ripe strawberry shade that can dress your mouth with delicious color.  The other one I received was The Cherry Blossoms, a pearly rose opposite a deeper rose laced with magenta.  How you wear these is up to you from applying one side at a time to do your entire mouth or mixing upper lip with one side and the lower lip with the other.  Whatever route you take, the effects are dazzling because you can get very creative to custom design your lips. 

Another new lip product that you should consider is their Smooch Proof 16 Hour LipStain, which is fabulous for its lasting powder and precision applicator with its fine point, almost like a felt tip marker. Persistent Pink  is a pretty medium pink.  Coral Reef is an awesome juicy shade of pink-peach  that reminds me of a rip tropical fruit.  Use it to deliver a sheer color or give it another coat and it will be a deeper shade that has amazing durability for a good part of the day.  

Unlike some other brands that I have used, the Smooch Proof 16 Hour LipStain isn’t as drying either.  Add some lip balm or clear gloss over it to crank up the shine.   Reapply the gloss after eating and this will keep your stained lips beautiful and conditioned even longer.

If you overlooked NYC New York Colors in the past, then it’s a shame.  These products that I have been testing are truly beauty finds and great values.  I do hope you pick some up because you won’t be disappointed once you do!

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Here are the eight NYC New York Color Cosmetics.

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