Review: NYC New York Color Cosmetics Summer, 2012 Eye Products

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NYC New York Color Cosmetics eye products

I can’t resist browsing for cosmetics to see their latest and greatest products.  Something magical happens to your state of mind when you feel your most attractive self.  Better still when you discover just the right items that can help you achieve stunning results at a bargain price, then you want to shout it to the world as to your beauty expertise and shopping smarts like with these exciting  NYC New York Color Cosmetics eye products.

I received their Individual Eyes Limited Edition for Brown Eyes compact in Designer Denim.  This eye shadow set has a teal shade for the lid, a midnight blue for the crease/contour, a glistening soft black for an additional crease/contour shade, a white highlight, and a primer for the base, an illuminator together with a dual-end sponge applicator all for a mere $4.99.  The shades were a great color combination and when blended together really flattered my brown eyes.  What I found out is that the primer does make this last surprisingly well.  

For daytime, I followed the directions for where to place the eye shadow colors.  Nighttime, I changed it for a more dramatic look by keeping the darker contour shades near the lashes and lightly feathered up.  Another thing I followed with was lining my eyes with their new Show Time Glitter Pencil for metallic sparkling effects, which outlined the lash line with tiny sparkles in the color almost like diamonds to really give eyes amazing impact.  
The Starry Blue Sky (an inky blue near black) was my favorite to use with this eye shadow palette.  

However, the Paparazzi Purple (a riveting purple) that I also received was pretty as well.  These Show Time Glitter Pencils were creamy, spread easily and wore well with Vitamins C and E in the formula.  Unlike other forms of liner, you can control the line better for thickness and smudge for the effect you like.  Although you could wear these pencils in the day, I like that extra glitzy glamour for night.

If your lashes need a boost, then you would love their new Big Bold Ultra-Volumizing Mascara.  I got to try one in Extreme Black.  I loved the fat plastic brush for making application a breeze and minimizing clumping.  My lashes really looked fuller.  However, I curled my lashes and then tried it again and, wow, did they look fantastic!  

I also was sent a Cover Stick in Medium to review.  At first, I was afraid this shade might be too dark since I usually buy light, but I was mistaken.  In fact, I compared this medium to one of my old light shades and it was just a pinch darker for one and nearly a match to others.  I thought this stick spread very well as it was creamy without tugging that delicate under eye skin at all and gave remarkable coverage.  By the way, Medium in this line was the perfect color for me.  I definitely will be picking up one of their NYC New York Color Corrective Cover Sticks in Green and Yellow to see how those hide imperfections next.  At $1.99 each, you can’t go wrong when it comes to experimenting.

I was surprised at the quality of these eye products and really liked them.  If you haven’t tried NYC New York Color Cosmetics yet, then start with these because they are steals.  I know I will be buying more soon.


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