Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Hand Cream Review

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Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Hand Cream

Since I do a lot of cooking and baking from scratch, I accumulate a lot of dirty dishes as well.   Thus, my hands get a lot of abuse, especially when I’m making batches of homemade bread.  Dough loves to stick to the crevices of fingers and settle in the nails, which requires many washing attempts before hands come clean.  The result  of such frequent hand washing often dries and chaps them until I sport red lobster hands. 

Therefore,  I think that I’m a good candidate to test Sally Hansen’s new Ultimate Shield Hand Cream since I always am slathering on hand creams and lotions.  

This cream wasn’t greasy like some that I have used.  What interested me about this product was its claim to form a lasting defensive shield of hand protection due to their Cationic conditioning technology and a natural moisturization factor.  

So I tried some of this new hand cream on bread baking day to see how my hands would survive by the end of the day.  Believe it or not, I wasn’t red as usual.  However, I did reapply some more later in the day but not nearly as often as I do with a more fluid type of lotion.

I do recommend Sally Hansen‘s Ultimate Shield Hand Cream because it does seem to work better for my problem–and I think it can do the same for you!


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