Shine by Heidi Klum Perfume Review

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Shine by Heidi Klum Perfume

When stunning supermodel and television star, Heidi Klum envisioned her first fragrance for Coty, she insisted to perfumers, Aurelien Guichard, Jean Guichard, and Oliver Pescheux that it be a luxurious blend of femininity and sensuality wrapped in an expensive-smelling formula.  Thus, the result was Shine, an oriental-floral, which launched in 2011 and since received the Fragrance Foundation FIFI Award for Fragrance of the Year–Broad Appeal Women category.

The scent opens with a fresh rush of mandarin and pink pepper until the pear mellows it to a creamy, fruity sweetness like a delicious cool dessert you want to keep enjoying.  

Nonetheless, once the floral heart develops with notes of mimosa absolut, lily of the valley and sunflower, this romantic fragrance cozies up with warmth. 

The base is where Shine matures with its oriental influence once the tonka beans, Cosmone musk, and vanilla come into play to give it a heavier and somewhat spicy, musky sweetness that gracefully leaves velvety, fruity softness.  Just be aware, but you may be nibbled upon!

To fully appreciate this fragrance, use it sparingly because oriental blends are typically stronger than other  floral or fruity-floral scents.  Too much of it can be overpowering, but if you keep that in mind, Shine, is an interesting blend that will pleasantly surprise you.


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