Create Sexy, Smoldering Eyes! Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Sticks Review–Swatches–Photos

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Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Sticks.jpeg
Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Sticks

June 2012 marked a wonderful month for beauty shoppers when Revlon Cosmetics launched several new varieties of cosmetics to their line with Colorstay Smoky Shadow Sticks, Age Defying DNA Advantage Concealer, Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain, and Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup.  I had the chance to put those products to the test for a review.

Today, I will be giving you my take on Colorstay Smoky Shadow Sticks that come in five shades.  These thick crayon type pencils have one end of darker color for lining the eye while the opposite end has a lighter highlight shade to use on the lid.  I got to try Volcanic (a dangerous deep gray and silvery white), Flare (dark glimmering plum and orchid), Smolder (gorgeous deep teal and  pale silvery blue-green), and Atomic (dark earthy olive-green and lighter coppery gold color).  

In the above photo starting on the left is #220 Volcanic, #210 Flare, #205 Atomic, and last #215 Smolder.

swatches of Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Sticks.jpeg

On my arm are the contour and highlight shades of each starting on the left is #220 Volanic#210 Flare, #215 Smolder and ending at my wrist are the two shades of #205 Atomic.

I loved how creamy  these amazing crayons were to blend to create the look of smoky eyes.  Apply the lighter shade from the lash line to the brow bone and then turn the crayon upside down and work with the darker end to rim along your lash line and crease before using your fingers to smoke it out.  

You can skip using your normal eye liner because the tip of the darker side is pointed enough to do the job.  However, if you want more definition use with your own eyeliner, which I think would be a better choice for making your eyes stand out to the max since the slanted tip is rather thick for that need.

The color combinations are wonderful.  If your eyes are sensitive,  you will have no problem of any flying shadow residue to get into your eye like the powder form of eyeshadow.  Another good point is their sticks twist out for more of the product and retract again, which makes them safer bets from breakage. 

In the photo below and starting at the top of my hand is #220 Volcanic, #210 Flare, #215 Smolder, and closest to my thumb is #205 Atomic.

Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Sticks, unpackaged.jpeg
Revlon Colorstay Smoky Shadow Sticks

Furthermore, these beauties will make your eyes smolder with dramatic intensity while being creaseproof and lasting practically all day until you take them off.  Do pick up these Revlon‘s Colorstay Smoky Shadow Sticks and discover how for $8.99 each you too can create a sexy sensation with your eyes!


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