Inova Silk Keratin Hair Care Products Review


Inova Inova Professional Silk Keratin Hair Care Products
Inova Professional Pure Shine Finishing Gloss and Sheer Magic Smoothing Balm


Are you tired of dull, lifeless hair and that battle to smooth it out from that jumble of frizz each morning?  If the answer is yes and your hair is a troublemaker like mine with curls or waves, then you will be especially eager to hear about my latest discovery from Inova Professional and their silk keratin hair care products sent to me for this review to keep our type of problem hair vibrant and healthy.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine.**

The Silk Keratin Smooth Protection Sulfate-Free Shampoo is designed with strengthening keratin as well as coconut oil, silk proteins, and vitamin C among other hair nourishing ingredients to gently clean and moisturize without any other treatment being stripped away to keep it smooth and manageable.   I shampooed with this first very rich formula and followed with the specially formulated smoothing conditioner.

The Smooth Hydration Conditioner has a unique Nanokeratin technology that is perfect for chemically treated or thermo-reconditioned hair for smoothing, de-tangling, and helping to bolster your capacity to make hair shine.  I squeezed a small amount and worked it into my damp hair and left it on while I continued my bath for a several minutes before finally rinsing it out.

While my hair was still damp, I applied some of the Silk Keratin Sheer Magic Smoothing Balm.  This is both a smoothing and styling product in one that uses amino acids to seal in moisture and the strength of keratin for locking in the smoothness as it protects those vulnerable strands from being ravaged from humidity.

I grabbed my blow-dryer and round ceramic brushes to style my hair.  As I held my firm grip, I began noticing how  the unruly layers of my curls appeared tamer.  The longer I dried, the more sleek and smooth the area that I worked with looked with a gloss to it.

Although I liked the way my hair already looked, I had to try their Pure Shine Finishing Gloss.  I got a few drops and worked in through my hair and ended up with an even far superior shine.  This last touch even turned my hair even silkier.

One other product was in their introduction kit.  This was their Miracle Mask Repair & Rejuvenate Deep Conditioning Mask.  This is a heavy duty conditioner you use on a weekly basis that has beneficial avocado oil, keratin protein, silk protein and white carnation oil to revitalize damage.  So with my next shampoo, I skipped the Smooth Hydration Conditioner and applied some to my still damp hair for about a half an hour before rinsing.

The next thing I did was to apply some the Sheer Magic Smoothing Balm and finishing styling with my blow-dryer.  I noticed sleeker, full, and super sexy hair with a healthy sense of renewal. I really liked how these Inova Silk Keratin hair care products worked and do recommend them for all seeking that smooth, polished look!  Check the company’s website out to learn more.


Inova Silk Keratin Hair Care Products
Inova Professional Miracle Mask, Smooth Hydration Conditioner and Shampoo




  1. BlackAsphodel
    September 1, 2012 / 6:11 pm

    I'd like to try the Pure Keratin Clarifying Shampoo.

  2. Danielle B
    September 7, 2012 / 1:24 am

    I would love to try the revitalizing booster

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