Kenra Professional Hair Styling Products (Smoothing) Review–Part Four

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Kenra Platinum Smoothing Creme and Shaping Creme.jpeg
Kenra Platinum Smoothing Creme and Shaping Creme

As I have explained earlier, my hair can be difficult.  I have some natural curl and waves, forceful down-growing hair complete with a low forehead that can give me daily grief if I don’t use the right products to keep it in line.  Until I started working with Kenra Professional, I had never tried any smoothing type of product but am amazed at what is now possible with what I have just reviewed.  

The product that truly captured my heart is their Platinum Shaping Creme 7.  I was not sure exactly how this would act on my hair but I worked some through my long bangs and through the layers of my wavy hair.  Joy among joys was what I saw  next after I finished blow-drying with my ceramic brush.  My spiteful bangs went obediently off of my face and blended like one beautiful flowing mass into my hair that now turned out into a smooth pageboy.  My hair was not sticky, hard, and furthermore, it could move and be brushed again without losing it hold and shape.  Honestly,  I could not believe that with this fabulous product I really might be able to grow those bangs out or at just change my hairstyle!

Feeling more thrilled than you can imagine, I reached for the Platinum Smoothing Creme next and worked a small amount through my hair.  This really bolstered the intensity of the shine while leaving such an irresistible silky touch without any signs of frizz.  Since I was not sure if it was better to use this product on dry hair as I had done or on slightly damp, shampooed hair, I tried some the next day after I finished shampooing.  To be truthful, I liked the results either way.  However, the dry method is great for focusing in where you want to turn up that wattage in case you missed anything the other way.

Another time I experimented with Kenra’s Styling Creme 10.  I also applied this after shampooing to my slightly damp hair.  You wouldn’t believe how pretty this made my hair once I finished styling with my brushes and blow-dryer.  This also tamed the waves and curls in such a striking way with a nice bounce to that sleek look that I am so loving.  Even throughout the day, I could brush and still keep the hold provided in place. 

Kenra Straightening Gelee 8 and Styling Creme 10.jpeg
Kenra Straightening Gelee 8 and Styling Creme 10

Seriously, I find it hard to decide between the Platinum Shaping Creme 7 and Styling Creme 10 since both were fabulous on achieving what I thought was impossible for a sleek look with hold.  However, my heart still belongs to the Platinum Shaping Creme 7 because the thicker cream consistency, especially for my bangs.  Then again, the Styling Creme 10 did give me hair that had movement with bounce.  Alas, I am at a dilemma since I truly love them both.

I later experimented with the Platinum Straightening Gelee.  I waited until my freshly washed hair was still damp and applied a small amount from the middle to the ends.  By the time I finished blow-drying and working my brushes, I had beautifully turned under style with sleek, shiny hair that lacked any evidence of those humps or bumps that were normal for my hair.  This product was excellent as well especially for the back and sides of my hair with a silicone blend that has thermal and UV protection besides humidity control with botanicals and vitamins to enhance the shine. 

No one could be happier than yours truly now that I have discovered these smoothing products.  Now I am no longer being confined to allowing my curls and waves to dictate how I will wear my hair.  Thanks to Kenra Professional, I now have hair freedom to choose whether I want to be curly or smooth–my choice and not my hair’s anymore!  

Trust me, Kenra Professional knows how to come to your hair’s rescue like they did for mine.  Why live with bad hair another day when their excellent line of products is at your disposal? 


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