Melvita’s Capiforce Hair Mask Review

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Melvita’s Capiforce Hair Mask

Recently, I have been testing French organic beauty brand, Melvita’s, Capiforce Hair Mask on the thick, dry hair that I happen to have.  This cream formula has honey, Shea, Sea Beet, sunflower oil, rich starch, aloe vera, honey, and coco and para oils for returning moisture to hard, brittle hair and providing gloss.

According to the directions, you should use this mask once a week.  I followed the instructions after washing my hair and allowed the product to remain on my head for ten minutes as recommended.  You could leave it on for as little as  five minutes, but I like to give conditioners extra time to fully soak in before finally rinsing.

My hair when I finished was somewhat softer than before I started and had a bit of added shine.  However, I wanted to see how this mask would work when leaving it on as I often like to do instead of rinsing it out. 
Therefore, the next time I tried this product I followed a hunch and left it on.  I didn’t douse my hair with the product either.  I applied about a small amount (approximately the size of a nickel coin) and then finished my normal blow-drying and styling.

This leave-in method differently delivered better results for me.  My hair was much softer and more shiny than the first time rinsing it out!  Do visit Melvita and check this product out or any of the fine line.

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  A free product was provided to facilitate this review.*


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