NYC New York Color Cosmetics Ultra Last Lipwear Review–Riveting Neutrals–Swatches + Photos!

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NYC New York Color Cosmetics Ultra Last Lipwear.jpeg
NYC New York Color Cosmetics Ultra Last Lipwear 

Neutral lip colors are always something I like to pick up when I am at the cosmetics counter.  Despite trends, the shades always seem to go with practically everything for when striving for a natural look besides being gorgeous for fall.  I especially noticed how using neutral lipsticks and glosses seem to enhance the look of smoky eyes like the stunning shades of NYC New York Color Cosmetics Ultra Last Lipwear that I was sent to review.

If you had never tried this brand of lipstick, then I highly recommend you do so now because they are fantastic quality.  These feel incredibly smooth on the lips and last for at least four hours.  Unlike some others, the Ultra Last Lipsticks do not melt into your lips to later leave an outline of color as I had recently experienced when using another brand that I bought previously that now changed their formula.  If all this isn’t enought to excite you, then how little they cost will at only $1.99 each! 

As to colors, these lipsticks have a striking range of colors to select from that deliver somewhat sheer shades like the five tubes that I want to acquaint you with.  Starting from the left in the photo below, I have Mousse #420, (an adorable beige pink-brown ), Brandy Sparkle #415 (a light infusion of a glistening plum to the brown), Caramel #401 (my favorite that has a tinge of shimmering red to the pink-brown), Mauve Gold #412 (slightly darker than Caramel with a pinch more gleaming brown), and Rose Gold #413 (a great basic peachy pink-brown that softly shimmers).

modeling Mauve God #412 Lipwear.jpeg
Here I am wearing Mauve Gold #412 in this first photo.

modeling Brandy Sparkle #415 Lipwear.jpeg
I am modeling Brandy Sparkle #415 in the following photo.

modeling Caramel #401 Lipwear.jpeg

Here is yummy Caramel #401.

modeling Rose Gold #413 Lipwear.jpeg
Next, here is Rose Gold #413.

modeling Mousse #420 Lipwear.jpeg
Last, what do you think of Mousse #420?

five swatches of NYC New York Color Cosmetics Ultra Last Lipwear.jpeg
Take a look at the swatches on my arm to check the intensity of the colors for yourself.  In the next photo, starting from my wrist is Mousse #420, Brandy Sparkle #415, Mauve Gold #412, Caramel #401, and Rose Gold #413.

I am being sincere when I say I will definitely be buying these lipsticks again.  How can you afford not too?  These NYC New York Color Cosmetics Ultra Last Lipwear line are a tremendous value that will make you beautiful as well without any chance of letting you down in regard to quality!

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  Free products were provided to facilitate this review.*


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  1. Stacie Cute
    November 12, 2013 / 12:11 am

    I am in love with these lipsticks as well! I get them when it's 40% off from Rite-Aid! I am addicted! My favorite at the moment is Plum Rum! It is my go to look for school or if I go anywhere! I am planning to feature so much products from NYC in my youtube videos! They are amazing!! Thanks for sharing! :))

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