NYC New York Color Eye Cosmetics Review + Swatches!

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NYC New York Color Eye Cosmetics

Creating eyes that can turn all the attention on you is easy enough  if you have the right products at your disposal.   Some will argue that real glam only can come from pricey, high end cosmetics.  However, I will clue you in there are equally fabulous, lower-priced options that can do the same thing to give you those bewitching eyes like these from  NYC New York Color that I was sent for this review.

To begin, I will tell you about my experience with their High Definition Liquid Eyeliner in #889 Extra Black.  This felt tip liner was so easy to work with.  I found the thin tip was just the right slim thickness to keep your line from being overly dramatic with bold thickness.  In addition, this product held up like a champ all day for me without flaking or smudging.

For those that are more comfortable with eyeliner pencils, I tried their Automatic Eyeliner Pencils  in #835 Brazen Blue, #833 Plum Perfect, #831 Basic Black, #832 Bold Brown, and #834 Vampy Violet.  These do not need sharpening and merely swivel up and twist to keep them fine tuned. They go on very nicely without tugging on that delicate skin and do last for a long time.  

I noticed these colors are less intense than the previous eyeliner.   Nonetheless, this fact does not distract any quality from them, but only that it means that they can deliver more subtle looks.  For instance, the black is closer in color to a deep gray than a true black.   Another excellent feature is that all of these Automatic Eyeliner Pencils can be smudged to soften the line unlike the liquid form. 

Next, I was provided with three of their Sparkle Dust Eyeshadows in #899 Lilac Sensation, (beaming pale lilac purple) #891 Opal Sparkle (radiant soft white), and #895 Smokey Topaz (plum with a pink-copper shimmer).  These are pots of stunning shimmering loose powder housed with a brush inside.  You may think this will cause a messy application.  However, you are wrong because you can tap any excess off the sides inside the container once you pull it out from the inner part with powder.

NYC New York Color Sparkle Dust Eyeshadow Trio.jpeg
NYC New York Color Sparkle Dust Eyeshadows

swatches of NYC New York Color Sparkle Dust Eyeshadows.jpeg
In the photos, Smoky Topaz is the one at the top on the left and closest to my wrist followed by Opal Sparkle and Lilac Sensation in the one below.

All are simply beautiful and as sheer washes of eye color that can light up your eyes with a luminous glow and not glitter flakes.  

For additional use,  you might want to try Opal Sparkle to highlight your cheekbones because it makes a great illuminator on top of that blush color to give you those glowing cheeks.  

High Definition Volumizing Mascara in #854 Extreme Black is what I finished with.  You will love how it separates and doesn’t clump for gorgeous lengthened lashes.  Use your eyelash curler and watch how this product seems to magnify your lashes even more.

I found an interesting way to get the most out of this mascara that I would like to pass on to you.  Try applying it to the under parts of your lashes first.  Next, you wait a few seconds for it to dry and follow by hardly touching the lashes with the wand.  Proceed to quickly swipe through to the tips.  This little trick will really make you appreciate the fine qualities of this wonderful mascara.

The more NYC New York Color Cosmetics that I work with, the more impressed I am with the results of what is possible with them.  I definitely recommend any of these products because they are excellent finds if you ask me.

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  Free products were provided to facilitate this review.*


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