Sally Hansen Natural Beauty by Carmindy Cosmetics Review for Fall Beauty + Swatches!

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Sally Hansen Natural Beauty by Carmindy Sun Glow Powder Bronzer.jpeg
Sally Hansen Natural Beauty by Carmindy Sun Glow Powder Bronzer

Are you looking to transform your look for fall?  Let me tell you about a few new products I just reviewed from Sally Hansen Natural Beauty by Carmindy that just may help solve your confusion and make it easier about some of those new cosmetics you might be considering.

The first item I want to tell you about is their Sun Glow Powder Bronzer.  This is really a fantastic multi-toned bronzer that can help keep the look of summer on your skin without giving you that harsh, unnatural brown look that can often accommodate bronzers.  This matte bronzer comes in either Spring (which is the one I requested with pink tones) and Summer (with peach tones).  I found the powder goes on like silk with a believable sheer tone that adheres nicely, probably from the skin conditioning sunflower seed, corn oil and gingko-biloba leaf extract.  

Look at the soft radiant  glow of this bronzer in my first photo and below on my arm.  Notice the realistic sense of warmth that this delivers without overpowering to look artificial.

swatches of Sun Glow Powder Bronzer.jpeg
Swatches of Sun Glow Powder Bronzer

 Just to make it handier, this bronzer comes with its own brush and mirror, housed underneath the color.  Although you probably will want to use your thicker brush for application, I found this brush can work in a pinch when you want to grab it from your handbag.

Concealer is always on my list.  I got to test the Fast Fix Concealer in Light Clair.    Until you unwrap the packaging, the shade looks darker inside.  Nonetheless, the color is definitely lighter and blends effortlessly into your under eye area with just enough coverage to hide any ugly darkness.  

Carmindy Quartz and Metallic Eye Shadow Palettes and Fast Fix Concealers.jpeg
Carmindy Quartz and Metallic Eye Shadow Palettes and Fast Fix Concealers

The consistency of this concealer is about just right and doesn’t seem to cake up in those fine lines.  Furthermore, I found the skin appeared smoother instead of that caked look you might have encountered with other concealers.  Then again, this product has the advantage of natural ingredients to boost radiance with sunflower, mango butter, and papaya.

I thought the Instant Definition Eye Shadow Palette in Quartz and Metallic would be ideal for updating your makeup color scheme for fall.  What I most love about either brown toned palette is how natural and perfectly coordinated both were for the office and school.  

Other beautiful things that I have discovered about these shadows are they last without settling into any creases for hours and come with a sponge applicator, which is becoming rare anymore.  

In this photo, Quartz is on the left with Metallic on the right.  As you will notice, Quartz is more of a cool brown with a taupe lid shade and a peach-pink highlight color.  The Metallic has a copper-brown contour shade has a beige peachy-brown for the lid shade and a golden-beige highlight color.

Quart and Metallic Instant Definition Eye Shadow Palettes, opened.jpeg
Quartz and Metallic Instant Definition Eye Shadow Palettes 

Although these eye shadows lasted most of the day, I wanted to see how their Fast Fix Eye Shadow Base would work on a hot humid day.  The next time the occasion came up, I applied that product and then topped with the Quartz eye shadow palette while I spent a good part of the day outside.  Usually in that awful heat, I had makeup meltdown of eye shadows despite how well they held up otherwise.  However, I was impressed with the difference this base made for preventing that color to settle into creases.  As you can imagine, I will be keeping this product in mind once I run out.

As to lips, I wanted gorgeous fall shades but also a product to keep my lips feeling moisturized.  Thus, I selected their Forever Stay Moisture Gloss that has beneficial Kokum butter, grapefruit extract, vitamins A and E, and jojoba oil for that needed extra protection as the weather turns colder. 

Five Carmindy Forever Stay Moisture Glosses.jpeg
Forever Stay Moisture Lip Glosses

Starting from the left in the above photo is Sparkling Nude (beautiful basic peach with a hint of brown), Mochachino (great looking brown-red), Toasted Almond (radiant peachy-brown), Cherry Crush (elegant deep red), and Blossom (tempting medium pink-plum). 

All of these products really were wonderful and even better than I had ever expected.  Honestly, I will be buying quite a few of these products again and will be definitely on the lookout for more.  If you haven’t tried Sally Hansen Natural Beauty by Carmindy yet, then I highly recommend all of these products!

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  Free products were provided to facilitate this review.*


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