Essence Cosmetics Review for Eyes to Behold–Swatches!–Photos!

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five Essence eye cosmetics.jpeg
Five of the Essence eye cosmetics that I was sent.

Sometimes, you may can hardly believe quality can be had at a bargain.  And yet, I have found some more fabulous cosmetics that can really save you money without making any sacrifice to gorgeous results like with these wonderful products from the German beauty manufacturer, Essence Cosmetics.

Today, I want to share some exciting eye cosmetics you should definitely look into starting with their mascaras.

I Love Extreme Volume Mascara in black  is just what you want if huge, over the top lashes are what you’re striving for.  Due to the huge brush, you can make that dramatic look happen with one sweep of that brush for eyes that really rock with a jet black shade for true intensity.  You can swipe another coat to further accentuate that look, but I wouldn’t keep adding coats unless you want to risk spider lashes.  This product didn’t flake or end up smearing and really held up for wear until I took it off.

On the other hand,  Get Big! Lashes Volume Boost Mascara also had a big brush and was a breeze to work with and gentle for sensitive eyes like mine.  I liked the fact it was buildable for volume and also wore nicely.  This mascara was less likely to clump, especially if you wiped off the excess before applying.  Again, I didn’t have any problem with flaking or smudging.  This formula also comes in waterproof.

To really make your eyes enormous with either mascara, I recommend using an eyelash curler first.  This will make even small eyes pop for maximum attention.

Another product I want to tell you about is their Lash & Brow Gel Mascara.  This is clear and ideal for taming unruly eyebrows. You won’t get hard, sticky brows with this clear gel mascara only control.

In addition, I tried their Liquid Ink Eyeliner.  This one is fabulous with just the right consistency and its ultra fine tip applicator that makes it easier to get a precise line for the newbie to this type of product.  Another thing I liked was the small size for throwing in your bag or later replacement at $2.99 compared to more expensive others.

I also was sent two Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencils in #17 Tu-Tu Turquoise (more blue-green than typical turquoise) and in #09 Cool Down (a royal blue).  These were automatic pencils that swivelled up and required no sharpening.   I found them great  for lining with their fine points.  They glided on and stayed put without smearing all day.

Essence Mono Eyeshadows and eye pencils.jpeg
Mono Eyeshadows and Long Lasting Eye Pencils

The Mono Eyeshadows  are something to look into and a definite great buy at $1.99 for the looks you can achieve, silky consistency, and long-lasting wear.  I got six of these beauties to work with #58 Cappuccino, please (Shimmer Effect); #48 Forrest Gump (Shimmer Effect); #52 Olive Garden (Shimmer); #02 Dance All Night (Sparkling Effect); #19 Disco Diva (Metallic Effect); and #51 Absolutely Nature (Sparkling).

swatches of the eyeshadows.jpeg
Swatches starting close to my wrist is #48 Forrest Gump (gleaming teal); #58 Cappucccino, please (a soft beige for highlight); #52 Olive Garden (my favorite olive that’s not too green but more brown with gold shimmering for striking contrast); #02 Dance All Night (a beaming pale gold for highlighting); #19 Disco Diva (a gleaming lilac-purple not to be ignored); and #51 Absolutely Nature (a cool medium brown that is so versatile and basic for whatever you want to do).

Last of this grouping, I experimented with their Stay All Day 16 Hour Concealer in #10 Natural Beige.  I’ll start with describing the consistency as very creamy.  It has a doe foot applicator, which was easy to manuever.  The product blended well and didn’t settle into the creases and fine lines for most of the day, which I loved.  If you happen to need more coverage to cover a blemish, you can layer more product and then pat with some powder to better vanquish it.  However, I think you would best prefer using this just for the eye area since it does have illuminating pigments that could focus more attention on what you’re trying to hide–like an unwanted pimple.

I honestly liked these cosmetics and will be sharing more from Essence Cosmetics with you soon.  So keep that in mind and visit their website for other exciting products.  You can find them at Ulta or where to buy.

*Disclaimer:  This is my own honest opinion.  Free products were products to facilitate this review.*


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