How to Find the Right Blush and Keep Color Vibrant

How to Find the Right Blush

Shopping for new makeup is fun, but it can be confusing when trying to sort through all the brands, forms and colors that are available. However, I noticed that avoiding mistakes is easier when you keep your skin tone in mind. Therefore, here’s a surefire tip to save you frustration and money when choosing a new shade of a blush to find the right one for your skin that can also keep that vibrant color.

This makeup tip really will come in handy. Look carefully at the natural color of your lips and look for shades in that range when you shop.  Also, you might want to read my earlier post for an equally great way. You just might be surprised at what better choices you’ll be making when remembering how much skin tone matters before pulling out your credit card or plopping down money.

Another wonderful thing I want to share with you is how using two different forms of blush can really make a difference in how long that color will last.   Start with a cream blush and then complete with a swipe of powder blush on the apples of your cheeks will keep you gorgeous much longer than just using one.  This change of application is especially helpful during hot humid weather when makeup can melt from sweating to ruin makeup.

Do try these simple tricks on how to find the right blush for your skin and keep it intact with all its brilliant color and watch how your beauty and cosmetic dollars take off!


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